Amethyst Flame - Founder

Transforming Lives: From Illness to Empowerment

Picture this: It was 2004, and my world was turned upside down. Struggling with leaky gut syndrome and an overwhelming candida explosion, I found myself plagued by numerous food allergies, surviving on only quinoa and a handful of vegetables. The cause? Years of vegetarianism and a diet heavy in white flour and cheese. Doctors dismissed my struggles as imaginary, leaving me feeling helpless and convinced that my life was destined to end before I turned 30—just a mere six years away.

But then, Carl Jacobs entered my life. He introduced me to the Highest Self Prayer, taught me about muscle testing, and revealed the astounding potential of frequencies in combating dis-ease. When he played a candida frequency CD, a powerful die-off ensued. Through intentional techniques and frequencies, my healing journey began.

In 2019 I went through a major dark night of the soul. My then wife and I consciously uncoupled, sold our house, and I lived through three months of homelessness with my two-year-old. During this dark time I rediscovered frequency medicine and began to shift my life. In a span of 6 months I aligned to being a steward of Sacred land and founding the Rainbow Bridge Ministry, supported by an incredible community. It was then that I fully embraced my Divine birthright as a steward of scalar energy and a New Earth Architect.

Discover more about the Rainbow Bridge Ministry and our mission to create self-sustainable New Earth sanctuaries during this Holy Shift at

As I delved deeper, I witnessed profound transmutation with frequency and scalar energy devices. In Chapter 10 of my ebook “Quantum Embodiment”, I'll share insights on closing timelines and engaging in quantum-level purging. But remember, while these devices are extraordinary, they require shadow work and room for your most optimal now moment. 

In 2021, I conquered Lyme disease by combining frequency medicine and scalar energy with subconscious rewiring, vessel cleansing, and refined meditation practices. Chapter 9 of my free ebook, "Quantum Embodiment," dives deep into this process. Without these devices I would have been dead, homeless or worse. 

Frequency Medicine and Scalar Energy have transformed my life, and now I'm here to support you on your journey.

Embrace the power of Frequency Medicine and Scalar Energy. Let's embark on a path to radiant transformation.

Start your journey today and unlock profound change.

Rachael Lanehart - Quantum Solutions Architect

I have witnessed the transformative power of frequency in achieving true mind-body transformation. As a Quantum Solution Architect I am someone who combines an understanding of quantum principles, such as interconnectedness and the power of intention, with spiritual or metaphysical practices to guide individuals towards personal transformation, expanded awareness, and a deeper connection to the Divine or God Consciousness. I offer guidance, tools, and practices that bridge the gap between quantum concepts and spiritual growth, helping individuals access higher states of consciousness and align with their true nature.

Throughout my career, I have observed a recurring pattern among my clients—entanglement in behaviors and routines that hindered their progress. Whether it was physical, energetic, mental, or spiritual disharmony, I realized that the root cause lay in the frequency to which they were attuned. Interestingly, I encountered this firsthand during my own healing journey.

In our vast universe, everything, including ourselves, aligns with a vibrational frequency. This profound realization resonated deeply within my own life. While I explored various alternative and holistic modalities, engaged in bodywork, detoxification, and meditation, these efforts only yielded partial results. I frequently found myself reverting to old patterns. It became evident that my frequency was intricately entwined with traumatic experiences, health issues, and societal conditioning, imposing limitations on my personal growth and expansion.

Through the utilization of frequencies and innovative tools, I have been blessed to align my body and mind with optimal health, prosperity, fulfilling relationships, and a vibration of unconditional love. For a significant portion of my life, I endured brain fog, anxiety, depression, addiction, and even suicidal thoughts, coupled with significant health challenges. Working with frequency medicine has profoundly transformed my life in countless ways. 

Across various lifetimes, I recall working with innovative tools and empowering others to heal themselves. Assisting individuals in realizing their inherent power has been an integral part of my soul's journey.

As the Quantum Solutions Architect at Zero Point Frequencies, I embrace my role as an alchemist of frequency, project manager and conductor, innovative creator, healing facilitator, and mentor and guide. Additionally, I am an advisory council member for Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary which offers ZPF sovereign rights to share what has been hidden and anchor in the New Earth frequencies.

I am the proud mother of two beautiful daughters who were home-birthed and have been raised with energy medicine as an integral part of their lives. They actively engage with the Quantum Harmonizer Kit, tensor rings, Tesla violet ray lights, crystals, cold plunges, homeopathics, bone broth, high vibrational foods, and red light therapy. I am grateful that Zero Point Frequencies shares the vision of anchoring this life style for the betterment of our children and the next 11 generations.

While my childhood was challenging, I consider myself incredibly blessed to raise my daughters as stewards of scalar energy. Frequency medicine is the future of healing, and it is our children who will carry the light forward as architects of the New Earth.

Luke Mungo - Quantum Expansion & Communications

Expansion through Humorous Transmutation.

Graduating high school without a real purpose led me down a path of self-destructive habits and emotional struggles. Amidst the darkness, I was forced to find some way to be of service, as I knew that would add some meaning to my life.

I recognized my gift for making people laugh and decided to embody this gift as a means of healing myself and sharing with others.

Devoting myself to the study of comedy, I delved into writing, performing, and creating content. I aimed to shed light on the shadows through humor. I felt deeply that humor was to be the saving grace for a lost humanity. While also being a vehicle for fame, fortune and spiritual fulfillment.

My journeys led me to Chicago, where I immersed myself in the world of improv comedy and performance. 

Chicago also presented challenges and distractions. I found myself caught up in unhealthy patterns and the pursuit of fleeting pleasures. 

After a few years, the joy of writing and performing amidst the stifling “politically correct” landscape was weighing on me. Comedy became about offending people and meeting women.

Then, in March 2020, the world locked down, and my ability to perform and indulge in vices was put on hold. This pause allowed me to reflect on my true motivations and confront some addictions and unhealthy habits. I began to exercise, watch what I consumed, and study Spirit. 

I reembarked on a journey of self discovery and seeking practical tools to heal and grow. 

During this time, I connected with like-minded beings in the spiritual community attending ceremonies, gatherings and mens circles, where I met Amethyst Flame. Whom I soon became friends and work partners with. 

I left the dense energies of Chicago with the support of Amethyst, and embarked on a transformative journey through the Pacific Northwest. I began cultivating a deep sense of connection with nature through gardening and exploring on my month and a half long journey.

I returned to live on an organic farm to continue cultivating through sustainable living and building with community.

Challenges continued as I deprogrammed from the Chicago energies and other wounds that emerged. I laughed and cried a lot with friends and family during this portion of my healing in my little hut on the farm. 

I had to leave the farm somewhat unexpectedly after 13 months at the end of September in 2022. I was on the move for a while, and life was quite challenging. I was on the move a lot, sleeping where I could for a few months. Yearning for sanctuary within myself while looking for a new home that was rooted in a mission. It was difficult to build when I was moving every few weeks to lie my head on a new pillow. 

Close friends also fell away, and my identity was being challenged more than ever. Cord-cutting and shadow work became part of my daily process, clearing the old to step into my true calling. 

I knew that to be of service as a New Earth Architect with other strong people was a mission to be fulfilled! As long as I could keep making moves and find a place to sink my roots in deep.

No matter how hard it got, I trusted in following my heart, and with support from friends like Amethyst, Rachael, and Fred, I kept the faith and persevered. 

In January of 2023, I found my new home at Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary, as more space opened up for me to stay there. Here, I continued to learn and grow, utilizing my multifaceted abilities to build and be of service. My bond with Amethyst, Rachael, and Fred deepened, as did my understanding of scalar energy and its transformative power.

I integrated with the land and the mission, and being able to sleep in the same bed every night assisted my mind, heart and nervous system deeply. 

Scalar has been a powerful guide in my process. Creating new mental, emotional and spiritual sensations. It’s difficult to describe how life feels in continuous flow with intentional frequency medicine, but I am certain that I am on the path of love and sovereignty.

Confident in stewardship of my own healing processes and scalar devices and tools.

I see all the different things I’ve accomplished and moved through in my life with light heartedness that can be utilized here at Rainbow Bridge and Zero Point Frequencies! 

I’m grateful to be in collaboration with this incredible team to create spaces of healing and transformation. I embrace my gifts of humor, accountability and sincerity to contribute to the awakening of humanity.

Being here encourages my leadership and abilities to shine and call in Heaven on Earth during this Holy Shift! 

Frederick Dragonhart - Quantum Relations & Systems Management

Transmutation is always a celebration, for energy can neither be created nor destroyed. As a Quantum Relations and Systems Manager, I take it upon myself to always be in check of the energies within and without–as everything is energy–integrating and applying it in all my movements and actions for optimal flow and structure in all our projects. Doing this ensures that I and the team at ZPF are in cohesive, harmonious co-creation with each other and our network, allowing us to offer individuals the tools for unlocking their highest potential and healing.

My parents were missionaries during my childhood; my father was a pastor until my early teens and my mother is a school teacher to this day. They were my first teachers from whom I learned core spiritual values and practical skills, in alignment with Natural Law, which I currently implement and embody in my work with ZPF and Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary, such as relational harmony and interpersonal skills, organization, analysis, and strategy; discernment and intuitive boundaries; reverence and respect for sanctuary and all sacred spaces, among others. The values instilled in me during my youth by my parents drive me to build with community in these ways: being good stewards of the land and cultivating self-sustainability, rewiring our subconscious, creating conscious art and music, and empowering each other to thrive in these times. 

I’ve traveled a long way, in more ways than one, to get to where I am now working with ZPF and Rainbow Bridge. I grew up in Guam and have always felt that my unique gifts were not readily seen by those around me nor utilized to their fullest potential, especially in areas of sovereignty and community building. I moved to the states in the summer of 2021 with no solid plan, except for strong guidance through dreams and visions, that it was time to move on. I have lived in four different states during my time here so far, and have even attempted building self-sustainable community with another group which eventually fell through the cracks. I am grateful to have converged paths with the stewards of Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary and ZPF, as our core values, principles, and vision align in synergistic ways. 

As a Quantum Relations and Systems Manager, I am entrusted with the responsibility of orchestrating harmonious relationships and optimizing systems within our organization. This involves nurturing a collaborative environment where individuals can tap into their highest potential and experience personal growth. Additionally, I oversee the implementation of efficient systems and processes that support our projects and enable seamless coordination among team members. My role is centered around cultivating synergy and coherence within our network, fostering strong connections, and ensuring that our collective efforts manifest meaningful outcomes.

My roles are rooted by a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. I believe that by honoring the inherent harmony and flow of energy, we can create a transformative and sustainable environment for our projects and collaborations. Embracing principles of conscious co-creation, authenticity, and open communication, I foster an inclusive and supportive atmosphere that encourages innovative thinking, adaptability, and shared responsibility. Through this approach, we can collectively harness the power of synergy and unlock limitless possibilities.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I find great joy in pursuing various interests and hobbies. Being a member and ambassador of the Bull Valley Singers, a pow wow drum group, deepens my connection to indigenous traditions and highlights the unifying power of music within communities. Additionally, I am also a proud member and ambassador of Sacred Heart, a family-oriented music collective and jam band that embodies the spirit of organic, creative collaboration, and the stewardship of innocence and play. In my personal life, I've embraced a simpler lifestyle, focusing on generating abundance with ZPF and Rainbow Bridge, growing our own food, and co-creating conscious art and music. These pursuits allow me to find balance, nourish my soul, and contribute to the greater harmony of the world–within and without.

I am truly grateful for the opportunities and connections that have led me to where I am today in this prayer. It is my unwavering commitment to fostering harmony, empowering individuals, and creating transformative experiences that drives me forward. As I work towards realizing our collective vision, I hold a deep reverence for the wisdom of the past and steadfast focus on the future, with a profound understanding that our actions today ripple through generations to come. Guided by the principle of considering the next seven generations, I invite you to joining me on this journey of co-creation, where together, we can unlock our highest potential and create a lasting positive impact for the world and those who will inherit it.

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