Agni Manitite: Formless Form (Z1)

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Agni Manitite is known as the Pearl of the Divine fire, originating from a meteorite that impacted in Lake Ton le Sap Colombia and ejected material in the Indonesian Archipelago. Combining the vastness of the cosmos and sea, both containers for life and often seen as primordial substance, the tektite brings awareness to our lower 3 chakras - root, sacral and soular. Embody your divine birthright of trust, creativity, joy, abundance and worthiness. This stone burns away all that which doesn’t serve while tempering that which does in the fire. Strengthening the connection to the Divine Highest Version of Your Being. It’s high vibration and cosmic origin usher in peace and light, connecting also with the higher will of unified love. It helps to synthesize personal and divine will, opening the door for divine action through our vessels...

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