Agua De Florida - Harvest

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Cleanse yourself or your space. Handcrafted by the Wizard.


“Secret” recipe includes palo santo, sage, lemongrass, organic alcohol, herbs and fruit.


Agua de Florida is used to cleanse energy and spaces, remove obstacles and for purification.


Most mainstream Agua De Florida contains denatured alcohol FD&C Blue and Yellow and is in a plastic bottle. Sounds more poisonous than cleansing to me.


I always have a bottle on me and I use it before meditating or working with plants. Great for cleansing feather fans, instruments, crystals, your body and your space.


All items are infused with amplified frequencies played into scalar waves before they are sent.

Scalar waves are zero point energy and we charge every order on the scalar amplifying devices before sending out. 

To learn more about scalar tap in with me on instagram @amethystflame333