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Base Travel Scalar Kit – Bifilar

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This item is sold out and we are currently taking pre-orders for these kits. We will have more units to ship in a few weeks. Thank you for your patience. Email with any questions you may have as we are happy to answer.

The Base Travel Bifilar Kit is the entry level point into working with scalar energy devices. The bifilar unit connects to a frequency generator and comes with 3 additional gold plated scalar plates.

This combination gives you powerful tools for amplifying the existing scalar energy fields through intentional frequencies and specific geometries.

Each of these units assists you in your optimization of your vessel through sound and shape to strucutre your internal waters. It has been theorized by scientists that your DNA is a liquid crystalline gel that responds to light, sound and scalar energy.

By playing specific frequencies we attune our mind, body and spirit to the most optimal now moment.

Anything you place on top of the scalar amplifier plate becomes infused with the frequencies played through the amplifier.

In my experience I have found that these work wonders for intentional prayer, meditation and cellular rejuvenataion.

Each kit comes with a free pdf of frequencies and an invitation into the Rainbow Bridge PMA where we share knowledge and experience of working with these devices.

This kit includes

• Bifilar scalar unit
• Frequency Generator
• 24k gold plated 12pt tesseract plate
• 24k gold plated 18pt tesseract plate
• 24k gold plated flower of life plate
• Free pdf’s of rifing frequencies
• Free entry into Rainbow Bridge PMA