Black Tourmaline: Root Down (TT5)

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Black tourmaline is a heavily grounding stone, protecting your vessel and energy field like a cloak of protection. Being highly energetically absorbent it is a great defender against EMF and negativity, sucking up the harsh vibrations and clearing the space/field. It keeps us connected to our Root and Mother Earth, providing strong foundation in the natural abundance that is our birthright as children of the Earth. Like the mother Earth, she gives and holds all we need to heal and harmonize with all of creation at every level and scale. Earth is the strong foundation upon which we build our temples and through which we are supported in carrying the energies we absorb.

All items are infused with amplified frequencies played into scalar waves before they are sent.

Scalar waves are zero point energy and we charge every order on the scalar amplifying devices before sending out. 

To learn more about scalar tap in with me on instagram @amethystflame333 to get access to the Ministry of Scalar