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Blue Kyanite is impervious to negative energy and is a powerful ally for staying clear and seeing things as they truly are. Like a cloudless sky wherein the sun shines bright, this stone clears the clouded mind, and combined with its openness of unconditional love, helps maintain a light-heart for all creation and creating. It maintains peace to co-create for and from the Highest Good. Blue Kyanite is soothing and energizing. It is a true Peace Keeper & creates the safety to love openly through tranquility, allowing one to speak their reality without tension, worry, or fear. The clarity of this peace creates space for one to observe, discern, and receive insight on how to foster peace in every now moment they create. Clear Skies, Open Eyes, Open Hearts, Open Minds.

 All items are infused with amplified frequencies played into scalar waves before they are sent.
 Scalar waves are zero point energy and we charge every order on the scalar amplifying devices before sending out.
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