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Bobinsana Hapé 20gr

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Hapé, also known as rapé, is a sacred tobacco snuff that holds deep cultural and spiritual significance among various indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest. It has been used by these communities for thousands of years in traditional rituals, ceremonies, and healing practices.

The preparation of Hapé involves a meticulous blend of powdered tobacco leaves and various medicinal plants, such as tree barks, seeds, and ashes, each with their own unique properties and effects. The specific ingredients and ratios used in Hapé vary among tribes and shamanic traditions, resulting in a wide range of formulations and flavors.

We offer ethically sourced Bobinsana products, ensuring that each step of the sourcing process respects the integrity of this remarkable plant. We collaborate closely with the Mastés tribe, a community renowned for their sustainable practices and deep reverence for the forest. By supporting our shop, you become part of a responsible and conscious movement that honors both the plant and the people who share their knowledge.

Bobinsana's teachings go beyond the physical realm, reaching into the depths of our emotional and spiritual well-being. This master plant teacher has the extraordinary ability to open hearts, helping us shed the burdens of trauma and karma. She guides us towards healing and right relations with ourselves and all living beings. Bobinsana is particularly renowned for her work in sacral healing, inner child healing, and yin healing,

Bobinsana, a remarkable plant with a rich history, has captivated Amazonian shamanic enthusiasts and plant medicine explorers alike. This tree, closely related to the mimosa tree found across the globe, holds a special place within the hearts of those who seek its transformative power. Picture its fluffy flowers, resembling delicate hearts, adorning the lush riverbeds of the jungle—a sight that evokes a profound sense of love and wonder.

Known as the "heart opener," Bobinsana carries a feminine mermaid spirit affectionately referred to as "Sirenita Bobinsana."

We invite you to explore our carefully curated collection of Bobinsana and Hapé products, each imbued with the wisdom of the Amazon rainforest. Delve into a world of transformation and renewal, where the gentle touch of nature meets the profound healing potential of these sacred plant medicines. Allow the spirit of Bobinsana and the ancient traditions of the Amazon to guide you on your path towards well-being and self-discovery.

Join us in honoring the rich heritage of Bobinsana and the Amazon tribes by welcoming these powerful allies into your life. Together, let us embrace the healing journey and forge a deeper connection with ourselves, nature, and the vibrant tapestry of existence.

Shop with us today and experience the magic of Bobinsana—a sacred plant that holds the key to unlocking your inner potential.

Weight: 20 grams