Harlequin Quartz 6.9gr (FF6)

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Harlequin Quartz are some of the highest vibration crystals I have experienced in this existence.


They are also not easy to get as they are hand mined in a mountain located in a remote desert.


I find this type of quartz to be phenomenal at unifying the crown and heart. When co-creating with these I feel filled with the love of the Divine.


Aligned with my Highest Vibration, seeing clearly with a heart full of love.  


The inclusions look to me as if the root and crown are completely integrated and dancing together. Connecting divine passion with the unconditional love of Source.


Each crystal contains lepidocrocite and hematite in bright red needles and sometimes black bubbles. Some might also be kissed by the violet flame in their crystalline form.

This material is sometimes known as "Strawberry Quartz."


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