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Mango Quartz (T3)

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Mango Quartz acts as a channel to the essence of Life inherent in everything, allowing us to connect with this essence in ourselves and all beings and things, opening the door of inspiration within our own being and that of others. In tuning into such essence, we become aware of our blockages, inviting us to let go of them and allow space for the new energies to fill us. It helps clean and open us up to receive our divine guidance and inspiration from the creative force of Nature. 


It has a joyous, warm and playful nature and reminds us to make space for our inner children and enjoy the now moment. Through play and imagination, we tap into our own innate Divinity as Co-Creators in this beautiful quantum dance of life. Thank you, Mango Quartz, for your rejuvenating energy of empowerment.


These crystals facilitate crown, solar and sacral harmonization. Connection to our Highest Selves, playfulness amongst the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and true embodiment and empowerment. Enliven your every now moment with these beautiful beings of crystalline consciousness.