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Session with the Wizard 60 minutes $111



Conscious Breath, Word Magic & Scalar Energy Session


  • During the session we work with scalar energy which are standing multidimensional vortex waves also known as zero point energy
  • It has been theorized by scientists that our DNA communicates through scalar energy 
  • By playing positive resonant frequencies through the scalar amplifier and specific geometric shapes we can facilitate growth and healing in mind, body and spirit
  • In our session I will guide us through conscious breathing focused on blending sympathetic & parasympathetic breath to facilitate a combination of short, quick and longer sustained DMT release to tap into the Highest Self.
  • I also share specifically worded visualization and prayer techniques for aligning with your Highest Self and your Most Optimal now moment. 
  • We reframe and realign the subconscious to become our most powerful ally and embody our Divine Birthright as Master Manifestors
  • The Higher Self Prayer and Sacred Inner Dialogue give us tools for reintegrating fragmented aspects of ourselves and releasing individual, generational and collective karma and trauma
  • I have extensive experience in facilitating space for healing from the trauma of service to self magic and ritualistic abuse. 
  • I offer this mediation in person or remotely. For the remote session you can send a photo that I place on the scalar amplifier. Even though we won’t be together in the physical, we work with energy that is non-localized and ascribes to quantum entanglement. Or as Einsten called it “Spooky action at a distance”


Earth Grid Activations and Ley Line workshop

  • Grounding
  • Gridwork Guidance
    • Ways to honor and resonate with Mother Earth  
  • Identifying closest ley lines and clusters to your current location
  • Identifying important ley lines and clusters important to your personal soul history as well as your lineage
  • Earth Healing meditation working with Earth’s chakra points and gateways
  • Integrating crystals into your energy work with Earth


Financial Sovereignty for the Blockchain

  • Setting up a VPN
  • Setting up private emails
  • Setting up a Metamask wallet
  • Installing networks on your metamask wallet
  • Onboarding & offboarding money through exchanges and p2p
  • Trading Privately on exchanges
  • Decentralized Finance
    • Becoming your own bank