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Darsoval Violet Ray Light High Frequency Device - Base Model

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Device includes 4 glass argon gas filled electrodes.

7-pack of glass argon gas "Violet" electrodes are also available, reach out if you are interested.

The Darsonval Violet Ray Light Device

Primarily manufactured in China, with a select few produced in Ukraine. Distinguishing between seemingly similar devices is crucial, and our extensive research and brand testing ensure the selection of an effective, high-quality, and novice-friendly device. Factors considered include the durability of the electrode insert at the unit's base and the duration before overheating.

Warranty Confidence

Expressing confidence in our distributors custom Darsonval Rays, we provide an unprecedented 120-day warranty covering the unit's base. The warranty excludes electrodes sliding into the base. In the event of a claim, only shipping costs from a U.S.-based address in Florida are applicable. It's advisable to consider repair locations, as shipping expenses to manufacturing hubs like China can surpass the device cost.

Enhanced Power and Endorsement

Last year, our distributor upgraded the unit base, amplifying device power by 33% compared to previous models, validated by positive customer feedback. The power, measured in watts, sets our custom units at an impressive 30 watts, outperforming typical 10 to 15-watt home-use models available today.


Also included with the device- 

The Tesla Violet Ray Lights: A Comprehensive Guide to Natural Healing and Cellular Rejuvenation - By Rachael Lanehart


The Tesla violet ray device produces a flow of tiny particles called electrons that help the body to make more energy. This energy is used to help the body repair itself and make new healthy cells. It can also help the body feel relaxed and calm. It's like giving the body a little boost of energy to help it work better!

"Light is not just something that we see, it is something that we feel." - Dr. Bruce Lipton

Violet Ray Light Device

The violet ray lights high frequency device gives the body a cellular massage.  The energy gathered from the AC plug courses up through the tesla coil inside of the hand held part of the violet ray lights.  As the electricity runs through the tesla coil, it is dispersed into very small electron particles that then enter the glass electrode.  Once inside of the electrode, which is filled with Argon or Neon gas, the light produced is distributed to the tip of the electrode attachment.  Each electrode will offer a different contact to the body.  Some electrodes give a more direct violet ray, and others disperse the light with more coverage, creating a stream of plasma and ozone. It is recommended to get the electrodes filled with Argon gas, and you will know it is Argon gas by the production of the violet light.

The violet ray device produces high-frequency, low-intensity electrical currents that are applied to the body. These electrical currents create a mild electrical field that can stimulate the production of electrons within the body. Electrons are negatively charged particles that are important for maintaining cellular function and promoting overall health and well-being.

Electrons are important because they are involved in many essential cellular processes, including energy production, cell signaling, and DNA repair. In particular, electrons are involved in the production of ATP, which is the energy source for all cellular processes. Without enough electrons, cells may not be able to produce ATP efficiently, which can lead to a variety of health problems.

Furthermore, electrons are also important for promoting cellular regeneration. When cells are damaged or injured, they rely on a supply of electrons to help repair themselves and regenerate new healthy cells. By stimulating the production of electrons within the body, the violet ray device can help to promote cellular regeneration and improve overall health and well-being.