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The Frequencies of Rifing

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This book is a manual for all those looking to heal, amplify and align their Mind, Body and Spirit to their optimal health, wealth and prosperity in every now moment. 

It contains thousands of frequencies for illnesses, manifestation, spiritual alignment, planets, essential oils and so much more. 

"Rifing is a technology that takes its name from Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, a great scientist, researcher and inventor who, in the early decades of the last century, managed to discover an infallible method to devitalize pathogens (viruses, bacteria and fungi). Rife was one of the first in the world to use electromagnetic frequencies for therapeutic use and certainly the first to use this technology for the treatment of infectious diseases caused by pathogens."

By combining the frequencies in this book with scalar amplifying devices we create healing and manifestation spaces that align with zero point energy or quantum consciousness which is how all things are created. When we intentionally play these frequencies through scalar amplifying devices we tap into the infinite potential of every now moment. Making all things possible as long as we are willing to do the clearing and healing. 

Thank you to Dr. Royal Rife and all those who contributed to this incredible manual of healing frequencies.