Black Tourmaline - Schorl 14gr (EE42)

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Grounded protection of your sacred vessel and energy field. Black tourmaline is known to be a highly energetically absorbent stone. It has been said to feel like wearing a cloak of protection. It is also used in EMF protection technology. I grid my home with these and selenite.


These stones work together with your muladhara (root chakra) to keep you connected to your vessel and Mother Earth. Trusting in the flowing abundance that is your Divine Birthright. When rooted into Mother Earth we have the proper foundation for healing and harmonizing the rest of our chakras. When we build a home we start from the ground up. The same holds true for your temple. These crystal allies are here to help guide us back into the remembrance of our sacred connection to Mother Earth.


Jet black and lustrous these beautiful specimens are from the Erongo Mountains in Namibia. A world class location for minerals.


 All items are infused with amplified frequencies played into scalar waves before they are sent.
 Scalar waves are zero point energy and we charge every order on the scalar amplifying devices before sending out.
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