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1 on 1 Customized Frequency Session - Single

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Single Session

Step into a realm of personalized transformation with our expert sessions in frequency, health, wellness, and quantum healing. We go above and beyond to tailor your experience to your unique needs, ensuring a truly personalized journey.

To begin, we create a intentional space and identify any specific issues or ailments you wish to address. Through an in-depth intake form, we gather vital information to curate a custom frequency playlist just for you.

Our team of experts meticulously crafts a comprehensive list of frequencies, serving as a solid foundation for your healing journey. But it doesn't stop there. We take it a step further by creating targeted and intentional frequency selections to address your specific concerns.

Session's Customized including:

  • Intake form prior to session for intentions for working with frequencies and identifying issues, ailments, dis-ease to be addressed.
  • Working with a ZPF team member to put together a custom frequency list for baseline use and also targeted intentional use.
  • Questions, answers, and sound boarding to help you identify programs that are not serving your intentions.
  • Breath and Quantum Healing session to establish baseline practices and techniques for working with frequency.
  • One follow-up support email after your session(s)
  • Amethyst Flame or Rachael Lanehart will be your facilitator. To learn more about them click here.

During your session, you will experience the profound effects of breathwork and Quantum Healing techniques, while also learning how to incorporate your custom frequency playlist. These practices empower you to work harmoniously with frequencies, amplifying the potential for healing and wellness in your life.

We delve into the captivating field of biophysics, exploring the potential of DNA and its responsiveness to light and sound. By leveraging the biophotonic nature of DNA and intentional frequencies, we tap into a realm of healing possibilities that can profoundly impact your well-being.

Additionally, we explore the transformative power of scalar energy—the fundamental zero point energy present in all of existence. Through our guidance, you will gain insights into scalar energy and learn how to utilize it to support your healing journey.

Embrace our personalized approach to frequency healing and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Book a session with us to gain access to a custom frequency playlist curated specifically for you, unlocking your body's innate healing abilities and helping you achieve a new level of vitality and balance.