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Harmonizer Travel Kit - Phi Cubit

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Transform your energy work with the Harmonizer Travel Bifilar Kit.

This setup includes a bifilar unit, frequency generator, harmonizer and three additional gold-plated scalar plates.

Together, these components allow you to amplify existing scalar energy fields through intentional frequencies and geometries.

With the Harmonizer Travel Bifilar Kit, you can optimize the vessel of your mind, body and spirit to the most optimal now moment.

The Harmonizer Travel Bifilar Kit is based on the work of Slim Spurling, the Beautiful Soul who discovered The Tensor Ring and brought them to us in this age.

With a Harmonizer, you get a toroid energy field that emits negative ions to reverse and destroy toxic particles in the air. Experiments show that Harmonizers can raise the consciousness level of all beings within its field.

The size and gauge of copper of the Harmonizer can create a 5 mile to 2500 mile healing energy field radius. The Harmonizer Travel Bifilar Kit is a powerful tool for intentional prayer, meditation and cellular rejuvenation.

Anything placed on top of the scalar amplifier plate becomes infused with the frequencies played through the amplifier.

Plus, this set up reduces the effects of EMFs and even protects your community from chemtrails and harmful frequencies from cell towers.

Each Harmonizer Travel Bifilar Kit comes with a free pdf of frequencies and an invitation into the Rainbow Bridge PMA, where you can share knowledge and experience of working with these devices.

With this kit, you will have powerful tools to create the optimal now moment and take your energy work to the next level!

Kit Includes

• Bifilar scalar unit
• Frequency Generator
• Harmonizer
• 24k gold plated 12pt tesseract plate
• 24k gold plated 18pt tesseract plate
• 24k gold plated flower of life plate
• Free pdf’s of rifing frequencies
• Free entry into Rainbow Bridge PMA