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Quantum Harmonizer Kit

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The Quantum Harmonizer Kit harnesses the power of scalar energy to create a transformative experience for your well-being.

This advanced kit contains a collection of specialized tools designed to emit scalar waves and frequencies, promoting balance and harmony within your energetic system. By working with the Quantum Harmonizer Kit, you can amplify your body's natural healing abilities, release energetic blockages, and enhance your overall state of health.

The kit empowers you to tap into the potential of scalar energy, allowing you to optimize your well-being, manifest your intentions, and awaken to a new level of vitality and alignment with the quantum realm.

What's included in the Quantum Harmonizer Kit

  • A Hardshell Case

  • 2 Bifilar Frequency Devices

  • 1 Frequency Generator

  • 1 Battery Pack

  • 2 Harmonizers

  • 6 Scalar Plates

  • 2 Tensor Rings

  • 1 Tablet Preloaded with 2 frequency apps and many different ready to play sequences for a variety of health and wellness optimization

  • Stickers

  • The Frequency Of Rifing Book

  • Scalar "Quantum Embodiment" PDF eBook


Two Customized Consultations and Quantum Energy Sessions.

Level One Instructional Video Course on Frequency Medicine and Scalar Energy.


Each kit is custom made and takes 2-4 weeks to create all the devices and put together. Sometimes we have everything on hand and can ship out quicker. We will keep you updated through the whole process and appreciate your patience. Thank you for choosing to be a steward of scalar and frequency!

If you choose payment plan then the kit will be shipped out once the payments are complete.