Zambian Citrine; Golden Glow (M1)

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Citrine shines bright with golden light, exemplifying strong self-worth that radiates the Solar Plexus SunFire. With it our souls claiming their Divine Birthright of sovereignty, willpower, and infinite abundance all the tools align to create the life of the highest good we feel drawn towards. Its light outshines negative energy, transmuting negative, leaving only eyes for the good and all that can come of it. Your creative intuition opens as your happiness blooms and you encourage the creation of all-encompassing well-being. It is a symbol of abundance and prosperity in self-worth, high-energy, and material wealth and health. It helps to release negativities and blocks of abundance, leaving space for the Will of the Highest Good to fill in.

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 Scalar waves are zero point energy and we charge every order on the scalar amplifying devices before sending out.
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